Cleaning for Pesach is hard enough (especially for those of you who do want to do it perfectly and get rid of the dust too). You may as well use the products that make it easier!

As simple as they are, intuitive cleaning products really do makes our lives easier (and homes cleaner and hence, moms happier). Here are some of my favorites that simply make sense.

OXO Any Angle Broom – This broom is genius. With a tap of your foot you can change the angle of broom so you can get under furniture, into corners, etc. (For another OXO Broom that we love, see this post. OXO seems to be the all around winner in this category!)
O-Cedar Easy Wring Microfiber Mop - You no longer need to actually touch the mop. Sold!

O-Cedar Easy Wring Microfiber Mop – You no longer need to actually touch the mop. Sold!

Eureka Mighty Mite Vacuum – Stairs. Cookies that were illicitly eaten in a bedroom. Drawers for Pesach. So many uses for this handy little vacuum that fits in smaller places than most full size vacuums.


Hoover Tempo WidePath Vacuum – This vacuum is a recommendation from my sister who said it works just as well and has lasted just as long as her far more expensive one. It is now in my Amazon cart because I’ve always wanted a second vacuum for my basement.

Microfiber “Shmattas” – Forget those old t-shirts. These microfiber cloths do the job better. And the different colors are great if you use them around the kitchen and want to separate milchigs, fleishigs, parve and general cleaning.

Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes – I’ve had stainless appliances for the last 14 years and until I discovered these wipes, they were such a pain to keep clean. Now I wipe well with one of these wipes, buff with a microfiber cloth – perfectly shiny surfaces in no time.


Swiffer 360 Disposable Dusters – These completely changed the concept of dusting for me. Super easy to run along moldings, doorframes, ceiling fans, that corner where the walls and ceiling meet – and then just throw it away. Because, yuck.


Clorox Toilet Wands – Toilet brushes are disgusting. This is the solution. Does the job and goes in the garbage. No more lingering nastiness.


Stove Guards – You know the food the drips or falls between the stove and the countertop? The stuff you don’t want to think about? These guards close the gap so nothing can fall in. To be honest – they’re not very attractive, but they’re easy enough to put in while you’re cooking and then remove after cleanup.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser – I’m not kidding when I say that Magic Erasers truly work miracles — and they’re only about a buck apiece! I use them primarily to remove scuff marks on molding and walls, but once I have them out I literally go around the house looking for stuff to clean. It’s a bit addictive.

Checkout our Pesach kitchen favorites here.


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