Layering and Even Spray: Beauty Secrets for a Natural, Everlasting Look


Our desire to get our makeup to stay put intensifies around the holidays where we want to look our best but are unable to reapply once the holiday starts, sometimes leaving us with a 3-day window of no touch-up time!

In an effort to unearth the secrets to lasting makeup, I have heard all the crazy tricks in the book. One friend who used to spritz her face with a layer of hairspray to get it to last for a full 36 hours. Others I know would not eat or drink from a cup for fear of ruining their lipstick, only consuming what could be ingested with a straw. Ever saw someone eating soup with a straw? I have!  

Eating soup with a strawYou don’t want to get me started on what people do when they have to sleep in their makeup and still have it look perfect the next day.  I know women who sleep with special satin pillowcases to prevent their makeup from transferring. Additionally, there are those who boast the ability to sleep perfectly still, on their backs.  Let’s just say that when I sleep, I get way too comfortable and my face gets very well-acquainted with my pillow from all imaginable angles. And I like to eat and drink like a normal person, so I have made it my mission to discover  how to get long lasting beauty without sacrificing your sanity.  With these tried and true tips, you can have your soup and eat it too— without a straw!

If you missed my last post on priming, you’ll want to start there, as that’s the first step!

Here’s what comes next:

Layer for a long-lasting look

A lot of what I picked up in terms of makeup technique, I discovered by reading blogs and watching tutorials from some of the most coveted celebrity makeup artists.  Celebrity makeup artists in particular specialize in long-lasting application for red carpet events that go on for hours in the blazing California sun.  While they all have their preferred methods, there is one thing that all the pros consistently swear by; layering formulas and powdering for a seamless, long-wearing finish.  

The rule of thumb is to start with the sheerest formula and work your way to the more opaque formulas.  

  1. First goes moisturizer
  2. Then goes primer (see my picks for the best primers for you here), followed by foundation and concealer.
  3. Powder is always the last step—layering a liquid or cream over powder will result in a hot, clumpy mess. After you finish with the foundation, that is when you’ll want to apply your powders, a bronzer, blush, etc. For blush, I love a stain or gel formula to give a sheer wash of color (and these really blend into the skin for an incredibly natural and long wearing effect). I’ll finish off with a sheer dusting of powder blush.  
  4. The final step is translucent powder to get rid of any shine and to set the makeup.  


My Picks:

Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder (translucent powder)

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee (gel blush)

For Special Occasions: The Spray

A lot of people swear by using a mist of finishing spray to add extra mileage to their completed makeup look.  Definitely preferable to dousing your face in hairspray, these sprays give you a matte finish without the stickiness and prevent the breakdown of all your hard work on Shabbos and Yom Tov.   These are also great option for weddings or in high temperatures to stop the heat from melting the makeup off your face.  Personally, I think they are overkill for daily use, when I prefer a natural finish.

My Pick:  Skindanavia Makeup Setting Spray

To my fellow makeup enthusiasts, I know you’ll have lots of fun experimenting with these new wear-extending formulas and if we ever run into each other in the cosmetics aisle of whatever retail establishment my husband and friends haven’t banned me from, I hope you’ll come over and say hi.  For those of you minimal effort kind of gals, I’ve done all the work for you, so now all you have to do is endure the questions when you are asked why your makeup looks freshly applied on second-day Yom Tov.   As for me, I might just have to go on a little shopping spree to get material for my next blog!  In the interest of research, of course 🙂


About the Author

Sheva Schapira is a wig stylist, author and self-proclaimed beauty addict. She is also the founder of the new glam wig line Eva and Chloe


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