This IKEA hack is a great way to store rollerblades.


How many times can one Mom pick up 4 sets of rollerblades and put them away, neatly, in a line? Also, how many times can everyone in the family trip over the same set of rollerblades?

The answer? Scary number. Probably in the 3 digits.

The real answer? IKEA.

Worth. The. Trip.

I was that mom, putting rollerblades away all day, and who are we kidding, you cannot blame the kids, they don’t store well and they always “fall,” no matter how neatly you try to put them away. Until, genius struck. Or, actually, a friend had a solution. I was so excited about the idea that I made it my business to get to IKEA asap and the following Sunday, these BISSA shoes-now-rollerblade cubbies were up. And the excuses, over. Heard the phrase “for everything, a place”? Yep. even for the rollerblades.

Click here to view this item on IKEA’s website.

Don’t forget to label said cubbies. Each child, his own space. Hey, don’t we all love a good reason to break out the label maker? Read more here about labeling and home organization.

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