There is. And your kids will never need your scissor or your teeth again when it’s time for ices.


Freeze pops, no matter which time you buy, are summer’s most economical refresher. They’re the treat our kids enjoy at the end of each camp day, and almost every freezer has a box ready to go.


If you overlook the food coloring and sugar for a few moments, those freeze pops are also practical, with a plastic sleeve there’s less drips. (Victoria freezes her freeze pops on Friday and defrosts them after the weekend so the kids aren’t taking ices all day all week).

But that plastic sleeve can also be a little annoying if you’re constantly hearing, “Mom, can you open this???”

There’s a solution:

Place your unfrozen freeze pops upright in a 2 pound container. This way, there will be space at the top when they freeze (so there’s no drips when opening later).

Once freeze pops are frozen, snip the tops.

Now kids can take a freeze pop and they never have to bother mom.

Want to make your own freeze pops? Click here.


  1. This is so brilliant. I stopped buying freeze pops bc they were so annoying! I’m going out to get a box right now! Can’t wait to try this trick! Thank you 🙂


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