Need new yummy ideas that work on a calorie budget? I’ve got a few.


Summer means cherries and summer means smoothies. Ergo, summer means cherry smoothies. I love cherries served in almost every way—fresh, frozen, pie… The frozen sweet cherries available at Costco (it’s a crime to buy them anywhere else!) make the perfect smoothie. They’re sweet and only 90 calories for a cup sized serving. I sometimes enjoy them as a refreshing snack straight from the freezer. But for a substantial snack that really keeps you going between meals, try them in a smoothie.

1 ½ cups frozen sweet cherries

½ cup frozen blueberries

1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk from Califia Farms

Total Calories: 210

You can use regular milk instead of the almond milk, but I actually prefer the almond flavor in combination with the cherries. And don’t use skim milk because you need some fat in there for the smoothie to give you lasting satisfaction. Almond milk has less than half the calories of low-fat milk, so it’s a double score for me. I don’t like my smoothies overly sweet, but if you want some added sweetness, add the sweetener of your choice. I’d go for maple syrup here – half a tablespoon will add 27 calories and a much better flavor than Splenda.


Oh, and I love my Ninja for these smoothies. The 24 oz cup is the perfect size.



  1. At the risk of sounding like a rebbetzin, what’s the story with frozen cherries and bugs? How can you check them? This shake looks heavenly!!

  2. Rivkie – they are Smart Harvest Organic Sweet Cherries. 4 lbs and the price varies but is approximately $11. They have an ou.


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