What sleepwear do you buy for your teen once they’ve outgrown kids’ sizes? (Psss…you can nab these for yourself too).


Pajamas. It seems like an afterthought, but everyone looks forward to getting into a comfy pair of PJs after a long day. But what do you get for your teen who has already outgrown kid’s sizes? Sure, they can simply wear leggings and a t-shirt, but sometimes you want them in a neat matching set. These picks work for ages 12 and up…and even for you!

uniqlo pajamas for teens
Uniqlo pajamas are great and cozy for the cold weather season. They also wash really well. Order size XSMALL for 2-4 and small for 6.


asos pajamas for teensASOS pajamas are soft and neat. Check out the different color options. You can also order them in petite, which might be better for your teen. (These comfy sets also come in maternity for you!)

We love these colorful tie dye prints from ASOS as well.

You can find the purple one here and the pastel colored one here. 

And here are some pretty lace trim legging pajama set from ASOS.

Make your own sets! Mix and match Gap joggers with t-shirts from Uniqlo.


Leveret’s PJS are a great find at a great price. They do, however, run small so order up (get a S if you typical order XS). Leveret also makes adorable solid-colored PJs for kids in a few color options. (You can even get for your preschooler here).

Do your girls like to wear a little more spunk to sleep? These prints, in “space” “panda” and “bunny” patterns are really cute.


Which PJS do you love for your teen (or yourself!)?




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