It’s never been this easy to get instant, professional care! With qualified doctors, fast service, and state-of-the-art facilities…you can find all this at a Kāmin Health Urgent Care Center near you.  


Sam was experiencing a pain in the stomach. He thought he must have pulled something, and first tried to disregard it, but it hurt a lot. He didn’t really have a primary care doctor, so who should he call?  Besides, it was 7 p.m., who was going to see him now anyway? He didn’t even think of going to the ER for a stomach pain, and besides, that would be a huge hassle and expense if it was really nothing.

Then he remembered that there was a really modern state-of-the-art urgent care facility, called Kāmin HealthUnion Medical  Urgent Care, right in his neighborhood. It would definitely be easy to walk in there.

Sam walked in, saw a doctor immediately, who was able to quickly diagnosis Sam’s appendicitis. The doctor called a surgeon to meet Sam in the ER immediately to remove his appendix…it had been just in time.  

“If I hadn’t walked into urgent care, and I had walked around with the pain for a little longer, my appendix would have burst…leading to much worse circumstances.”

Quality Care + Compassion

Walking into an urgent care center used to be scary. You didn’t know the doctor; you didn’t know the staff.  Kāmin Health Urgent Care Centers has changed that. There’s six locations, in Boro Park, Queens, Crown Heights, Roosevelt Island, Monsey, and Monroe; all branches are part of the Kāmin Healthcare System and are named for their location (i.e. Boro Park Urgent Care, Monsey Urgent Care, etc.). So even if you’re in a different town for work or visiting family, you can walk into the same, familiar place that you trust.

“We’re providing the quality and compassionate medical care that everyone wants, in the clean, modern facility that makes our patients feel comfortable. Each patient that walks into a Kāmin Health facility is treated compassionately, with a smile, and not a number. We hire the top providers to treat our patients, along with superb qualified medical assistants and X-Ray technologists to make sure our patients get top-of-the-line service,” says marketing director  Yaakov Landau.


Convenience + Instant Care

When should you visit a Kamin Health Center? Urgent care is not supposed to eliminate your primary care doctor, but when it’s after hours and you need quick answers, Kāmin Health centers have on-site labs, so you can get instant results when you need a strep test, flu test, or any other ailment.

And besides for after hours routine care, urgent care is also there for you with any non-life threatening emergency. Urgent care can also prevent the wasted time and expense of unnecessary trips to the ER. Need stitches or staples? Urgent Care will take care of you. They can provide instant analysis for infections and onsite X-Rays–for the diagnosis you need right then and there. And–unlike at the hospital, where you’ll pay an exorbitant amounts for any routine service–your Urgent Care fees will be a fraction of the cost…with quicker service.  Most all insurances are accepted.

Hours & Facilities

All the facilities are open until 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. (click here for hours and locations of a Kāmin Health Center in your neighborhood). Kamin Health wants to serve you quickly! Most wait times are less than 10 minutes, but while you’re waiting, your children can enjoy the play area and coloring books, while you can help yourself to hot coffee and tea.

“We want every moment that you’re at a Kamin Health center to be pleasant and friendly…so that you’re motivated to always take good care of your health. We always want to go above and beyond for our patients and for every time you want into a Kāmin Health center to be a great experience.”

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