Each trip to Costco can lead to a new discovery. What cool Costco products might you be missing out on?


The one errand where everyone in the family (aka hubby and children) agrees to come along.

I thought I knew exactly what I needed and what to buy. After all, I so to speak, live in Costco.  But when I sat down to write this article I decided to consult my Between Carpools colleagues.

Maybe they buy something I had overlooked? I might be learning something. Who knows.

I doubted it, but regardless, gave it a try.

And guess what, I was so surprised. It turns out, I have been missing out on great  items all along.

Renee: “What do you like buying in Costco? Besides for the obvious items like oil, sugar, fresh produce, rice, or foil pans?”

Leah: “Hangers!!!!”

Renee: “Seriously?”

Leah: “Yes! They are amazing! I recently even bought them for my housekeeper, she likes them so much. They keep your clothes hanging neatly so that they won’t slip all over the place. Also, they don’t take up much room.”

I get the Wholly Guacamole Singles. My daughter likes to take them to school for snack, with a few Tostitos chips. Or Stacy's pita chips.Esti: “I get the Wholly Guacamole Singles. My daughter likes to take them to school for snack, with a few Tostitos chips. Or Stacy’s pita chips.”

Renee: “They look good, but I was afraid to buy them. Won’t they go bad before we have a chance to finish them all? Not everyone in my household is an avocado lover.”

Esti: “Stick them in the freezer.”

Renee: “Whaaa?”

Esti: “Yep. Even says on the box. You just freeze them and pop them out one at a time, as needed. Come recess they are ready to go.”

Costco's Kirkland’s amazing disposable glovesm, and Costco Wipes. What to buy in Costco. Renee: “I must try them. Should I write about Kirkland’s amazing disposable gloves? Or does everyone know about that already?”

Leah: “Gloves? Really? Why? Cheaper?”

Esti: “No, not cheaper. Just so much better. How about the disinfecting wipes I live on?”

Renee: “Yeah, those are great.”

Shaindy: “What wipes? Teach me!!”

Esti: “I always keep them in the studio too. Great for a quick clean up.”

Renee: “True dat. In general I find all Kirkland products very high in quality. It’s a great brand.”

Leah: “Yes, I agree. I love the Kirkland detergent. Use that one all the time.”

Here's what you should be buying in Costco. Costco's Baking sheets are the best quality and Price.Renee: “I don’t want to start a heated debate here but….anyone using baking sheets instead of the disposable ones should buy them in Costco. Best quality and price.”

You should be buying in Costco these sandwich wraps. Actually, I am posting about it tomorrow. So many different ways to use them.

Esti: “Renee, you should write about the sandwich wraps. Actually, I am posting about it tomorrow. So many different ways to use them.”

Leah: “Yum. Can’t wait. My lunch was getting boring.”

Shaindy: “This time a year, I like stocking up on Hotties.  My kids take them to the bus stop on cold winter mornings.”

Leah: “ Yeah, mine too. Thanks for the reminder Shaindy—need to add those to my list.”

Esti: “Last winter was so mild, we didn’t even finish the box. The second box, that is”

Lunch Boxes at CostcoVictoria: “Renee, those boxes you used in the lunch post and in the freezer one, aren’t those from Costco too?”

Shaindy: “They aaaaare??”

Renee: “Yes. What? You guys don’t already live on those?? I use them the same way I use the hot cups. Nonstop.”

Esti: “What do you use them for? Don’t they leak?”

Renee: “Oh, where do I begin from? I use them for lunch, salads, leftovers, freezing smallish items, sending supper to people, cut fruit, … Storing fish for Shabbos. It’s the perfect size for cookies too. Bake a batch and freeze them in small quantities. Portion control. Can’t believe you don’t use them. I buy two bags at a time. And, no. They do not leak.”

So…what cool stuff do you like to buy in Costco? Let me know before my next trip! Because, apparently, I was in the dark, and didn’t even know it.

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  1. Those containers!!! Just love them. I use them for non-food items all the time too. Helps keep a
    Drawer organized, art supplies etc…. wish my costco carreid gloves in size medium. Only large here so i get them from a med supply company. Gonna check w google express now- would love to get them delivered to my door!

    • I know, can’t live without them…!
      Why don’t you order the gloves from Costco Online? I think they might have them… I wouldn’t manage without those either, I feel your pain

  2. Thanks for this info! Just wanted to add sheet protecters! They are durable and so much better than others. I use them non stop… in labeled looseleafs such as places to go, craft ideas, poems, quick supper ideas, etc and these sheet protectors keep my clippings so organized!!!

    • True, they are better, I stock on those at the beginning of the school year. Amazing quality! and i’d love to take a peek into your looseleaf it sounds awesome 🙂

    • Yes!! Used to get them all the time! now i’ve stopped since I find they take up too much space in the refrigerator. Any ideas how to deal with that issue??

  3. Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Facial Towelettes!!!
    The absolute best and only completely effective one-swipe makeup remover on earth! Waterproof makeup too. Even Kirkland’s own don’t compare to this item… Sorry Kirkland, this is your only failing grade. Otherwise I’m a loyal fan 🙂

  4. Can’t believe no one mentioned baby wipes!!
    I can only use Kirkland wipes now that I tried them. I actually use them as general cleaning wipes also, not just for babies. They are so much better and thicker than others.
    And men’s non iron shirts: I bought one for my husband and didn’t tell him where it was from… he loved it! Better quality than his designer ones…
    Also I second the Kirkland salmon, great to keep on hand in freezer cuz you can defrost one portion at a time, great for dieters or last minute dinner.

    • You are right! Baby wipes! my favorite. Also love the package they come in. Shirts sound awesome, will have to look into that. I know my husband loves the coat he got there recently.

  5. Men’s shirts
    Kirkland pj’s for kids!
    Shredded cheese! Much cheaper then local groceries!
    And pretty much everything else the sell!

  6. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!
    They are super cheap and last way longer than from other shops, just like all Costco produce.
    Great article. I love the conversation style its written in.
    I have to check out the hangers…

  7. Loving all these suggestions!! Now every time I go to Costco I pull out my phone, look at the app and scroll through all these comments while I shop 🙂

  8. The frozen fruit! Im a smoothaholic, I stock up on the blueberries, strawberries and pineapple. I like to throw in their fresh spinach and kale as well. Yum.

  9. How could you have omitted Kirkland napkins and plastic cutlery?!You will never want to use any other brand once you try these. And Natural and Healthy cheeses?? Truly the most outstanding kosher cheeses out there at outstanding prices! Pizza made with any other cheese is..well….not really worth making.. As for their 9×13 (half size) disposable foil pans- they are the only ones that dont buckle under when they are filled. Superior quality- and safe to use.


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