When it comes to flatbreads, the more varieties, the better. They make a super fun appetizer (your guests will want to try each one) or a really easy weeknight meal. Here’s our flatbread picks.


Did you ever see one of these ready-made flatbreads at your local grocery? Didn’t realize you can do so much more with it than just pizza? Pizza is always good, but there’s a reason why “flatbreads” are perhaps the hottest menu item now at fleishig restaurants too.


Here’s some ways you can turn a flatbread into a meat meal. Serve one of them for a quick dinner (we’re going to need a lot of easy dinners in the coming weeks) or make a few variations and line them up for a flatbread bar at your Purim seudah.

For this flatbread, we riffed on this Deli Pizza Roll Up by using the filling on top of a flatbread instead of inside of puff pastry. Simply spread the flatbread with barbecue sauce, top with deli sauteed with onion, bake 10-15 minutes, and drizzle with garlic dip.


This one is the flatbread version of our Pastrami Pizza with sauteed onions and mushrooms, navel pastrami, beef fry, greens, and drizzled with spicy mayo and Caesar dressing.

Make an all-veggie version simply with grilled vegetables. Drizzle with dressing after baking.

Remember this easy shredded beef pizza? Make it a flatbread and line up all four varieties!


You can also make a dairy flatbread for dinner! Use the flatbreads to prep this Parmesan Caesar Flatbread.


How would you top a flatbread?

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Leah Schapira
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