Pesach with the Basics – here we go!

It’s the time of the year when I got lots of messages for people asking for me recipes I gave them last year. Years ago, I thought I was clever. I uploaded as many recipes as I could to cookkosher (a recipe database website I put together).  However I still had to send them the links. Here is my list of recipes I’ve shared with hundreds of women over the years (now they’re all together in one place).



Crepes/ Luckshen: For some, it isn’t Pesach without these crepes.

Mayonnaise: Here is an immersion blender version. You can easily do this with a food processor but the immersion blender is a cool hack. Watch how to do it here.

Sauces: Making your own isn’t complicated. Try the duck sauce or plum sauce. Click here to learn all the things you can make using your own homemade duck sauce.

Dips: There’s so many dips recipes coming this week to BetweenCarpools, but here is one that’s an oldie but goodie: Mock Babaganush.

Salad Dressing: Here is a great basic lemon dressing or creamy avocado dressing.

Falsche Fish: Those of you who need this know what this is.



Main Dishes:

Caramelized French Roast: The softest roast with really super simple ingredients.

Meat with Pearlized Onions: It’s a bit a pain to peel those onions, but it’s a nice change from the roasts and ribs.

Falling Off the Bone Flanken: Works great with ribs or flanken.

Chicken with Potato Chips: Many people don’t use potato chips but this is a great chicken if you do. Substitute potato starch for the flour.

Veal: Here is my Pesach version of this. Omit mushrooms if you don’t use mushrooms and use chicken stock; it works great with boneless chicken breasts too.

Battered Schnitzel: A kid’s staple. A must make every year.

Pulled/Shredded  Beef: In the oven: Substitute second cut brisket for flanken in Falling off the Bone Flanken, or cover with duck sauce and water. Cover and bake on low at least 4-5 hours until soft. On the stovetop: Use Caramelized French Roast Recipe. Cook until soft, adding water halfway through the cooking. Pull apart. Heat up with some strained cooking liquid and season with salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with Guacamole and Pesach Crackers.



kugel in a bundt pan. Passover kugel recipes.Yerushalmi  Noodle Kugel

Eggrolls: A recipe for those that don’t use cabbage on pesach.

Imitation Cabbage and Noodles: Not cabbage and not noodles. Hey, this is what Pesach is all about.

Scalloped Potatoes – this is a nice change from potato kugel, however this tastes best when its served fresh, so make it and serve it that day/night.


Desserts and Cakes:

Pesach Brownies

One Bowl Brownie: No mixer, no cleanup. Omit nuts if someone in your family has allergies.

Chocolate Molten Cake

Wafer Layer Cake: It’s not Pesach without this cake. The best way to serve it is to cut it into little squares and serve semi-frozen!

Crinkle Cookies: This is a great cookie, as a bonus it doesn’t contain any nuts.

Chocolate Cookies: Another great no-nut cookie.

Lemon Ices: This is one thing I save to make only on Pesach.

Pineapple Applesauce: So refreshing. Always add fresh pineapple and use green apples.I haven’t met someone that doesn’t like this, even when they don’t usually like applesauce.

Apple Pie

Cheesecake: This is my mother’s famous cheesecake; on Pesach replace the flour with some potato starch and use less orange juice. Use crushed ladyfingers mixed with butter as a crust.


Should we compile these recipes into one easy download? Let us know in the comments!



  1. These recipes look amazing, calls for ingredients I can actually use and seem pretty easy. please compile in one download! I would luv that! thank u!!

  2. Great recipes all in one place… I made several of these already and it’s great to have it together …. (Don’t have to go back to last years screenshots)

  3. Thank you so much for these recipes! Seem
    Easy and doable, especially for my girls 🙂 A download would be greatly appreciated!


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